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We’re a passionate bunch and want to continuously improve the service we offer to deliver a Majestic experience you’ll want to tell your friends about.

If you have any comments about your visit please tell us.

Firstly, speak directly to the Duty Manager who will do their best to deal with the matter straight away and resolve any concerns you may have.

If this cannot be resolved in club, e-mail us at [email protected] - we aim to respond to you within 48 hours.


Complaints and Disputes

If you are not satisfied after discussing the matter with your General Manager, please contact Head Office in writing:

Robert Walrond
Head of Bingo Operations
Real Fun Group Ltd - APOLLO RHYL - Denbighshire • Brighton Road • Rhyl • LL18 3HD


All complaints are taken seriously, investigated thoroughly and handled in a confidential manner.

Please provide as much detail as possible, whether it is an original complaint, or a follow up to a reply you were not satisfied with. Include your name, postal address and a contact phone number as well as your membership number if you have this to hand.

A Complaint means a complaint about any aspect of the company’s conduct of the licensed activities, and a dispute is any complaint which:

i Is not resolved at the first stage of the complaints procedure; and

ii Relates to the outcome of the complainants gambling transaction

The National Operations Manager will conduct a thorough review of all the evidence and try to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of both parties within 15 working days. Should this not be possible we will explain why and provide a date by which you can expect a full response.


If a complaint relating to the outcome of a customer’s gambling is unable to be resolved satisfactorily between the company and the customer within a period of three months from notification, we have an obligation to report it to an independent arbitrator.

Customers also have the means and opportunity of submitting their own version of events.

Should the outcome of the complaint still be deemed unsatisfactory, this issue would then be identified as a dispute and would be referred for arbitration with all the necessary paperwork being forwarded to:

Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS)

PO Box 62939

London EC3P 3AS

Telephone: 020 7347 5883

Fax: 020 7347 5882

Email: [email protected]



Once the Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) have received all documentation from Majestic Bingo Limited and the customer they have 90 days in which to respond, the decision of IBAS is final.


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